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Welcome to NationCam, a website dedicated to showing some of the best views in the country while showcasing the capabilities of our sister Company FNIT, Inc. 

Our network of cameras is slowly coming online so be sure to come back to see more. All of it powered by FNIT and Peplink

Datarhei Restreamer

Behind the Scenes the Team at Datarhei have made incredible software. which is what our servers use.

Dealer and Installer

FNIT is out Dealer and Installer for all of our Cameras. If you need cameras let them know!

Our Project Backbone

Every project like this needs solid networking and FNIT.us has us covered with a Peplink Network that is rock solid. 

Road Map

Our Planned Network

We are looking to team up with local businesses and governments agencies like tourism departments to showcase the best this country and each state has to offer. 

We are planning for 1,250 cameras across the nation

In all 50 States!

Starting with 25 in Louisiana


Why are we creating such a large network.

When we first started to contemplate on how many cameras we weren’t quite sure what the magic number was. Until we realized people love watching cameras. And the truth is there are sights to see everywhere! So we are trying to cover as much variety as possible!

Who is paying for all this?

FNIT, Inc. is sponsoring this project as a show of strength in the market. To prove that they have solutions for any place at any time. 

Can I be a part of the network of cameras?

You sure can! Email FNIT at sales@fnit.us and let them know you want to join the NationCam Project and they will reach out with more details!

Why are there ads on your site?

We will be implementing some ads on the site in order to pay for site and server upkeep.